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junk stuff

junk stuff

I feel awful!

I’m literally losing all my friends. For years, I’ve been proud of having so many friends. But these days, one after another are leaving me. or, better to say, I’m making them leave me. or I leave myself.

By the way, I’ve always had the feeling that I’m the good guy, and that I don’t misbehave anyone, Which seems to be no longer true. As always, I still don’t care. But now that I’m thinking of it, it’s bothering me.

Last week was a disaster! in fact, It still is. I may lose one of the best ones I’ve ever had and will ever have. And another one which I still doubt if it was my problem or not. I even don’t know what happened at the end cuz I just lost contact.

for years, I believed in myself. I still do. But starting to have doubts about it. Maybe I get so close to everyone and that’s the problem since everyone does not think like me.

What I’m saying? junk stuff

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  • شقایق
    نوشته شده در: ۰۷:۲۸h, ۰۳ دی پاسخ

    انشالله که به زودی حالت خوب بشه و این دوست خیلی عزیز رو که از غمِ فراغِش متن در وبلاگ گذاشتی، از دست ندی…

  • علي
    نوشته شده در: ۱۶:۱۶h, ۱۸ دی پاسخ

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